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Venue rental

Cinema Splendid Palace

For your convenience we offer an opportunity to rent our technical equipment – light and sound equipment, whereas the halls of “Splendid Palace” cinema are equipped with professional and modern video and sound equipment, which is especially suitable for various conferences, seminars, presentations and also cinema events!

By ensuring more than 400 events a year, we have gained invaluable experience in organization of events – our team will provide all the necessary support for organization, setting up and technical service of events.

The Large Hall

Ornate and ceremonial, the Large Hall is perfect for film premieres, opening and closing ceremonies of festivals, opera, ballet and concert broadcasts, theatrical performances and concerts.

The Small Hall

The Small Hall is good for seminars, conferences, presentations, private and corporate events featuring films or other video materials, as well as various multimedia projects.

The Versailles Hall

The Versailles Hall on the first floor of the building is available for after-party events, coffee breaks and dining services.

The Green Hall

The Green Hall on the second floor of the building is available for after-party events, coffee breaks and dining services.

The Vestibule

The vestibule of the cinema is available for a variety of exhibitions.

The cinema cafe "Film Noir"

Spacious Film Noir premises are perfectly suitable for a large number of people and for visitors they serve as an intellectual club of culture in which the various events such as - theatres, cinema lectures, discussions, readings, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, gala dinner, corporate and children parties take place.

Attending Film Noir arranged in theater type event capacity is 120 people, dinner at round tables up to 100 people and cocktail receptions for up to 150 people. Rooms are fully multimedia equipped - a built-in screen, movie projector, Dolby Stereo sound, wireless microphones, dimmer spotlights and WiFi.

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