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Venue rental

Riga Congress Centre

The Riga Congress Centre offers facilities for all kinds of events – concerts, performances, congresses, seminars, meetings, film showings, exhibitions, and co-operative events. The three halls, 10 auditoria, foyer and cafeteria of the Riga Congress Centre can handle as many as 5,000 visitors.

The Large Hall

This is the largest concert venue in Riga and has been used for concerts and performances by Latvian and foreign artists and groups, as well as for cinema festivals, congresses, and other events.

The Small Hall

This amphitheatre-type hall has 243 seats and is perfect for smaller conferences and seminars, as well as film screenings. Coffee breaks can be organised in the foyer of the second floor (397 m2).


At the centre of the Riga Congress Centre is a light and large foyer which links the three floors of the building. The glass wall offers a view of the nearby park and city canal.

Auditorium No. 215

Riga Congress Centre offers auditorium No. 215 (76 m2) which have modern equipment for seminars, educational courses and lectures for maximum 70 participants.

The cafeteria

Full-service dining facilities for coffee breaks, luncheons, receptions and banquets at the cafeteria or elsewhere in the building, depending on the nature of the event and the desires of the client. Seating at tables is available for up to 280 people, while receptions in the cafeteria can handle as many as 400 people.

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