Object Management

The Property Management Services Board of LLC Rigas Nami provides management of real estate, servicing and repair of engineering networks, as well as physical and technical security services for buildings and territories.

The functions of the board:

Installation of electricity, heating and water systems for buildings;
Maintenance and repair of engineering networks;
Maintenance and supervision of the technical condition of buildings and rooms in accordance with normative documents;
Planned and emergency repairs of equipment (heating systems, cooling systems, ventilation systems, water metre networks, enhanced water delivery pumps, etc.);
24/7 (!!!) prevention of emergency situations;
Monitoring of the technical condition of buildings owned by the company and addressing any shortcomings therein;
Repair of inventory in managed buildings, installation of workplaces, etc.;
Cleaning of buildings and territories;
Technical personnel for events organised at the company’s facilities;
Physical and technical security for buildings and territories.

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