The origins of LLC Rigas Nami date back to early 1989, when the Council of People’s Deputies of the City of Riga voted on January 20 of that year to establish a structure called “The Non-Residential Fund” to handle executive aspects of the work of the city’s Executive Committee in terms of the construction and renovation of non-residential facilities, as well as storage facilities for transportation vehicles.

On December 23, 1992, the board of the City of Riga established LLC Riga Venues to take over the rights and obligations of “The Non-Residential Fund.”  The new enterprise was registered in the Latvian Company Register on January 8, 1993, and it was given the task of managing real estate on behalf of the board of the City of Riga.

In 1997, LLC Rigas Nami became a non-profit organisation, and it was registered in the Company Register on February 11 of that year as a non-profit limited liability enterprise “Rigas Nami”. The company’s areas of operations were changed a bit, but the management of real estate remained its primary functions.

In 2004, Rigas Nami was reorganised to become the Riga local government limited liability company Rigas Nami, and it was so registered in the Commercial Register of the Latvian Company Register on November 2 of that year. The company was reorganised once again in December 2006, when the local government non-profit organisation “Cinema Riga” was attached to it. That is when the enterprise became the limited liability company (LLC) Rigas Nami.

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